The use of Molten Metal (Zinc) for socketi of wire ropes presents a number of risks on a worksite.

WIRELOCK® is the ideal solution to this problem! WIRELOCK® is a professional-grade cold socketing compound for use in industrial wire rope applications.

Compared to sockets prepared using molten metal, WIRELOCK® holds a number of advantages, as listed below.

Safety – It is much safer to prepare sockets on any worksite using WIRELOCK®, as it does not involve any heating / open flame. WIRELOCK® is the preferred method of preparing sockets in hazardous environments like underground mines.

Time – A socket prepared using WIRELOCK® can be used within 90 minutes after curing & scratch-test. Additionally, the preparation time (start to finish) is much shorter compared to using molten metal, as well as does not require any heating apparatus / equipment.

Ease of use – WIRELOCK® comes in pre-measured kit sizes, making it extremely easy for the user to select the correct amount needed to socket a particular size of wire rope. Please refer to the ‘WIRELOCK® Technical Data Manual’ to understand the correct volume of WIRELOCK® to be used for your wire rope.

Lower Downtime – The end to end downtime for a wire rope socketed using WIRELOCK® is lower compared to using molten metal (Zinc).

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                              How to use WIRELOCK®

WIRELOCK® has been widely used in industries that involve wire ropes / socketing of wire ropes.

General Engineering – Uses are varied and include crane ropes, boom pendants, winches, lifting straps and mast stays. In India, WIRELOCK® has is being used widely at all well-known ports, wire rope manufacturers, engineering & construction companies. WIRELOCK® should always be used when socketing P.F.V. ropes as the use of a molten metal will melt and vaporise the polymer in the valleys of the rope.

Mining – WIRELOCK® is the only socketing medium that is currently approved in the UK for both man and materials winding. It is extensively used for the same purpose in the gold mines of South Africa and mines in Australia and Canada.

Structures – These are generally long-term applications such as suspended roofs for stadiums, aircraft hangers and other diverse structures. WIRELOCK® has been used during the construction of globally recognised structures such as the London Eye (UK) & Millennium Dome (UK).

Bridges – WIRELOCK® has widely been used on prestigious bridge projects in Turkey, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Scotland and France. Some of the bridges use polymer sheath ropes for maximum corrosion resistance. WIRELOCK®, being a cold process, does not damage the sheathing material and is, therefore, ideal for these applications.

Offshore / Shipping – WIRELOCK® is the standard socketing product for the mooring lines on semi-submersible rigs, umbilicals on remotely operated vehicles, floating cranes, single buoy mooring systems and towing tethers. Many rigs are semi-submersibles which rely on anchor systems to maintain position. WIRELOCK® will be used in these sockets.

Fire resistant hydraulic

With a track record of 50+ years, WIRELOCK® has gained a reputation of high quality & dependability across the industries where it has been used. WIRELOCK® has also been approved by a number of internationally recognised institutions / authorities.

• Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
• Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
• American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
• United States Coast Guard
• RegistroItalianoNavale
• Germanischer Lloyd

Usha Lubes Pvt. Ltd. has been the authorised importer & distributor of WIRELOCK® in India for over 25 years. Please contact our team for your WIRELOCK® requirements or any technical support for WIRELOCK®.

To know more about WIRELOCK®, please click on the link below.
WIRELOCK® Technical Data Manual