Company Info

Founded in the year 1983, Usha Lubes Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, that has been engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of products associated with the Wire Rope Industry, since inception.

Usha Lubes Pvt. Ltd. is head-quartered at Kolkata (West Bengal), located in the Eastern part of India. The company’s manufacturing & laboratory facilities are located in Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) and the company also has a stock point-cum-office in Pune (Maharashtra) located in the Western part of India. In order to serve the market in the Northern part of India, our company has a resident representative operating out of the national capital, New Delhi.

For the company’s overseas operations, Usha Lubes Pvt. Ltd. operates a subsidiary company – Usha Lubes (Thailand) Ltd. ( – out of its stock point-cum-office in Bangkok.

wire rope lubricants

At the time of inception, Usha Lubes Pvt. Ltd. was only focused on manufacturing Wire Rope Lubricants. However, the company has gradually expanded its product basket to include otherproducts such as Wire-Rope Cold Socketing Compound (WIRELOCK®), Wire Drawing Soaps / Lubricants (CONDAT SA), Rust Preventive Oils, etc. related to the Wire Rope Industry.

Over time, Usha Lubes Pvt. Ltd. has developed its R&D capabilities. With the completion of a fully equipped laboratory at its Jamshedpur works, the company now has the capability to tailor-make wire-rope lubricantsfor customers to suit their exact needs. Updates to our factory equipment and stringent quality-check procedures have ensured that only the best possible quality of products are delivered to our domestic and international customers.

Usha Lubes Pvt. Ltd. has formal tie-ups with CONDAT SA (France) and M/S Millfield Enterprises Ltd. (United Kingdom) to act as their channel partner for certain markets.

Through the joint efforts of our team, the company is now looking to further expand its product basket and also to increase its presence in foreign markets.